I think in voice, you think in text?

In my head, there’s a voice. It’s mine, and that’s how I think.

Different people think differently. Like in different languages. My mum thinks in Korean, myself in English.

But I didn’t realise just how differently people could think.

I mean, there are people who think in TEXT!

Scrolling right-left like the news ticker, upwards like the iconic Star Wars crawl, or coming together like in Word.

They have fonts. Helvetica, Comic Sans, Times New Roman.

And colours. And font sizes!?

Mind freaking blown. Amazing.


emotion in six words

emotion in six words

A post from One liner sad stories – 9GAG all about stories in six words. A single line.

At number one I was like ‘OK’.

Then I read the next and my inner voice whispered ‘oh’.

I got it. The emotion and story that six words can tell.

And the fifteenth got me. I could imagine what the astronauts had to face before those words left their lips.

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Harmony, by Project Itoh

Harmony, by Project Itoh
Tuan Kirie, the narrator, the protagonist

My day today.

Exams over. See that Harmony is uploaded with english sub.

Excerpt from my facebook post: Project Itoh’s Harmony. wtfffffffffffff. one hour into a two hour movie. not sure if i can continue.

The first drop of blood, the turning point

Finished it. Project Itoh’s Harmony. I don’t know if its the source material or the movie adaptation but man, some of the scenes are just heart-poundingly sick. I swear, I could feel the knife. That first drop of blood. Still, wtf. Came away feeling physically uncomfortable. On the other hand… Gorgeous animation, an amazing futuristic setting. But, I think I’d rather have more Psycho-Pass.

A daydream still untitled

A daydream still untitled

The daydream, the scene, can start with just a line. Words on a page draws my eye like nothing else.

I was waiting in line for the changing room, and the man in front of me was reading on his Kindle.

I didn’t want to be rude and looked away immediately. It was a brief glimpse, but it had already stuck.

‘Every age finds a use for this place’.
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Ancillary Justice, some thoughts

Ancillary Justice, some thoughts

Ancillary Justice is a sci-fi novel by Ann Leckie and quite unlike much of anything I’ve read before.

Having finished the book a couple of days ago, I haven’t decided whether I like the book or not. Which is kind of odd, if you ask me. Normally I have a stronger emotional response than this.

Here’s my thoughts and some of the quirks of the book. Rambling ahead.

Warning! There may be spoilers going forward. 

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A film to remember

A film to remember

With animation that grows on you, a beautifully smooth voice-over and an unforgettable man devoted to planting trees, The Man Who Planted Trees is a wonderful short animated film that will hook you for its 30 minute run.

“…rebuild the beautiful belief that even a single person, capable of only doing the smallest of actions, can do extraordinary things.”

As we approach the end of a long week, drained from work. Do take the time to watch this and rebuild the beautiful belief that even a single person, capable of only doing the smallest of actions, can do extraordinary things.

It will likely be the best 30 minutes you spend this week.

A simple yet brilliant story from Jean Giono.