A thought, Pokemon GO

A thought, Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has been a huge hit worldwide. Even media outlets have been reporting on the hordes of people roaming the city for elusive Pokemon.

Misaka has the best sisters

When it was reported that a Pokemon trainer stumbled onto a dead body, I immediately thought of a scene in To aru majutsu no index.

In academy city, the world of index, prepaid cards charged with varying amounts of value were scattered around the city in random places, including backalleys and small streets.

The intent was to take away the ability to stay hidden to do unsavoury activities.

Pokemon GO could do the same. It would place people in all kinds of places and increase the likelihood that someone is watching.


Architecture 101

A101 poster
Movie poster for Architecture 101

Architecture 101 is a Korean romance movie that was a hit when it released in 2012 and also probably what brought Suzy, from K-pop group Miss A, to fame. She’s in the poster above.


The movie starts out very simply when Seung-Min, one of the male leads Uhm Tae Woong (seen below), is given a surprise visit at his Architecture office by Seo-Yeon, played by Han Ga In. She approached him for a job, to construct a house on Jeju island for her.  Continue reading “Architecture 101”

Harmony, by Project Itoh

Harmony, by Project Itoh
Tuan Kirie, the narrator, the protagonist

My day today.

Exams over. See that Harmony is uploaded with english sub.

Excerpt from my facebook post: Project Itoh’s Harmony. wtfffffffffffff. one hour into a two hour movie. not sure if i can continue.

The first drop of blood, the turning point

Finished it. Project Itoh’s Harmony. I don’t know if its the source material or the movie adaptation but man, some of the scenes are just heart-poundingly sick. I swear, I could feel the knife. That first drop of blood. Still, wtf. Came away feeling physically uncomfortable. On the other hand… Gorgeous animation, an amazing futuristic setting. But, I think I’d rather have more Psycho-Pass.

Ancillary Justice, some thoughts

Ancillary Justice, some thoughts

Ancillary Justice is a sci-fi novel by Ann Leckie and quite unlike much of anything I’ve read before.

Having finished the book a couple of days ago, I haven’t decided whether I like the book or not. Which is kind of odd, if you ask me. Normally I have a stronger emotional response than this.

Here’s my thoughts and some of the quirks of the book. Rambling ahead.

Warning! There may be spoilers going forward. 

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World End Economica, my thoughts

World End Economica, my thoughts

If you’ve read Spice and Wolf or heard of Isuna Hasekura, you probably don’t need to hear this from me.

But, for the general populace who haven’t heard of light novels, or visual novels for that matter, here’s my TL;DR call to action for you.


Especially while it’s half off (50%!) on steam thanks to the year end christmas sales.

Now, really quickly here’s some of my thoughts on World End Economica: Episode 1. I’m not thinking too hard on this so the prose will suck.

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