My Oneplus X and a bamboo phone case

My Oneplus X and a bamboo phone case

A couple of months ago, I got myself a Oneplus X to replace my ageing HTC One S.

It’s been a huge upgrade in so many areas especially battery life, which may be a surprising statement to some. But for my use, I no longer get anxious as to whether it’ll last the day.

Its design is nice and clean. Glass on the front and back with textured metal sides.

Photo of the Oneplus X in hand, by Android Authority

There’s just been this one annoyance. On a table, it looks like any other iPhone or Samsung.

That’s where Oneplus’ bamboo case has been a total revelation.

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My Year in Review 2015

My Year in Review 2015

Here’s my last post of 2015 looking back on the year. (Oh crap, I’m late)

So, from anime, aki school to just plain awesome gear, here’s 12 things that got me excited in 2015.

Fair warning, there’s a lot of anime here. School isn’t terribly exciting and gear can get expensive.

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