the long way to a small angry planet: a review

the long way to a small angry planet: a review

I wrote my first impressions on this book here when I was about a 100 pages in.

This is a short compilation of what I liked about the long way to a small angry planet. With some luck, you might like what I’ve got to say and give this book a shot too.

  1. It’s not ‘hard’ sci-fi. This book doesn’t throw around engineering and science fiction jargon around while expecting you to somehow understand it. It really is a book about a road-trip. Except that it’s through space, with stops on exotic planets, and the highway might be a black hole.  Continue reading “the long way to a small angry planet: a review”

Wind/Pinball and nostalgia

I have to begin with this: the introduction is beautifully written. In simple and evocative language, it tells his tale of how he came about to writing. Haruki Murakami’s life, hardships, inspiration, and writing process. If you read nothing else of this book, read the introduction.

wind pinball
The book in question on my desk

For the novels themselves, I can’t claim to understand what the stories are about or what the plot is. My initial thoughts were along the lines of: how was it possible that this was the first prize winner in a competition? (And that he’s a whacko.)

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Ancillary Justice, some thoughts

Ancillary Justice, some thoughts

Ancillary Justice is a sci-fi novel by Ann Leckie and quite unlike much of anything I’ve read before.

Having finished the book a couple of days ago, I haven’t decided whether I like the book or not. Which is kind of odd, if you ask me. Normally I have a stronger emotional response than this.

Here’s my thoughts and some of the quirks of the book. Rambling ahead.

Warning! There may be spoilers going forward. 

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