Incredible urban landscape sketches by manga artist

Incredible urban landscape sketches by manga artist

Amazing art of normal everyday places by manga artist Kiyohiko Azuma.

For more at Manga Artist Kiyohiko Azuma’s Urban Sketches of Japan | Spoon & Tamago

Realistic depiction of various locations for the characters in the manga Yotsuba&!

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Japan’s “escape room” games go foreigner-friendly, into the underground

Japan’s “escape room” games go foreigner-friendly, into the underground

Oh man, escape room becomes escape Tokyo!? Real life locations! The Attack on Titan event version sounds awesome too.



I’m slightly claustrophobic. So you might wonder why I would volunteer to have myself locked into a small room with a bunch of strangers. The truth is that I can’t resist a puzzle.

This is an escape room, an immersive puzzle-solving experience that will test your lateral thinking skills and problem-solving, and for the first time in Japan, it’s being offered in English and Chinese.

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Hotel guest leaves origami for cleaning staff, back-and-forth folding battle ensues!

Origami face-off!


1024px-Origami-craneTipping is a custom often debated in the world of customer service. Proponents of the practice believe workers are more motivated to give better service knowing that they will be paid better for doing so, while opponents argue that it shouldn’t be up to the customer to determine how much the employee gets paid.

But whether working for tips or not, if you treat the one serving you with kindness and respect, they are more likely to go out of their way to give you better service. Take, for example, this poster on Twitter, who left a little origami crane with a tip for the hotel cleaning staff, and in return got an even bigger surprise!

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