World End Economica: Episode 3 is out!

World End Economica: Episode 3 is out!

Finally. Finally it’s here.

I’m a little late to the party seeing that it was released on Steam in December 2016 but I look forward to finishing the game during the long weekend next week.

But really, it has been a long wait. Especially with the awkward cliffhanger ending of Episode 2, which led me to believe that the story wasn’t meant to be told episodically. Just as it was getting good it ended. The score on a rising high, the plot twists revealed, the protagonist just about to take action, and it just ends.

Now that all three episodes are out, and though I haven’t played the third and last episode, I think I can safely recommend WEE to anyone who wants to give the story a shot.

For an introduction to the story of World End Economica, I think I briefly wrote my thoughts on episode one here.


World End Economica, my thoughts

World End Economica, my thoughts

If you’ve read Spice and Wolf or heard of Isuna Hasekura, you probably don’t need to hear this from me.

But, for the general populace who haven’t heard of light novels, or visual novels for that matter, here’s my TL;DR call to action for you.


Especially while it’s half off (50%!) on steam thanks to the year end christmas sales.

Now, really quickly here’s some of my thoughts on World End Economica: Episode 1. I’m not thinking too hard on this so the prose will suck.

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