Saekano S2 thoughts

Saekano S2 thoughts

I got around to watching the last 3 episodes (9-11).

It’s good. I liked it. I want a third (and likely final) season.

But the last 3 episodes of Saekano’s season 2 did fall a little flat.

Here are some highlights, followed by some thoughts on where How to raise a boring girlfriend Flat falls short for me.

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I’m 3 episodes behind on Saekano S2. Ep 9, 10 and 11.

The procrastination is real. My heart is still not ready.

I’m afraid for the characters. I’m afraid that the show will fall short of my expectations.

I wish I could treat this anime like eromanga-sensei (fun, no expectations), or Re:Creators (trainwreck pacing, no expectations).

Oh, and with this 3 week hiatus, I can barely remember the name of the blonde twin-tails doujin artist. I guess she should be getting more screentime in these last few episodes.

Putting away watching this week’s episode of saekano(ep 9 iirc) because I’m afraid to.

From the manga I know that this ep is right about when akane, a star-producer/creator from rouge en rouge, poaches from blessing software. 

I know it’s gonna be messy. I immensely regret spoiling myself now. 

I’ll have to look for something else to do in the meantime I guess.