Saekano S2E8

Saekano S2E8

A Megumi episode!

Though a little slow, it set up for many things to go wrong next episode. Continue reading “Saekano S2E8”


An end to a guilty pleasure

An end to a guilty pleasure

Keijo!!!!!!!! the manga is ending.

It wasn’t exactly what I could call a ‘great’ anime. But, it was a guilty pleasure. An over the top sports anime featuring girls locked in butt-battles. And boy was it fun to read.

Read the behind-the-scenes and real situation behind the ‘sudden’ end to this manga via Crunchyroll – FEATURE: Found in Translation – The Reason why the “Keijo!!!!!!!!” Manga Ended.


Harmony, by Project Itoh

Harmony, by Project Itoh
Tuan Kirie, the narrator, the protagonist

My day today.

Exams over. See that Harmony is uploaded with english sub.

Excerpt from my facebook post: Project Itoh’s Harmony. wtfffffffffffff. one hour into a two hour movie. not sure if i can continue.

The first drop of blood, the turning point

Finished it. Project Itoh’s Harmony. I don’t know if its the source material or the movie adaptation but man, some of the scenes are just heart-poundingly sick. I swear, I could feel the knife. That first drop of blood. Still, wtf. Came away feeling physically uncomfortable. On the other hand… Gorgeous animation, an amazing futuristic setting. But, I think I’d rather have more Psycho-Pass.

Sugoi Japan Award 2016 winners: The manga, anime, novels Japan thinks you should binge on

Sugoi Japan Award 2016 winners: The manga, anime, novels Japan thinks you should binge on

Your Lie in April, Shirobako and Psycho-Pass? Yes, yes and yes!

Danmachi’s a fun read too.

Stuff like this gives me a warm feeling inside because it means there are other people out there who likes the same stuff I do.


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