My Year in Review 2015

My Year in Review 2015

Here’s my last post of 2015 looking back on the year. (Oh crap, I’m late)

So, from anime, aki school to just plain awesome gear, here’s 12 things that got me excited in 2015.

Fair warning, there’s a lot of anime here. School isn’t terribly exciting and gear can get expensive.

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Travel Japan!

Travel Japan!

I’ve been away in Japan and it was an amazing change of pace.

Just walking the streets to absorb the sights and sounds is something I’ve got to do more often.

Preferably with a camera, there’s just so many things to share! Any little random thing in another country can just be so exotic.

We managed to squeeze in short visits to pretty much everywhere from Tokyo’s Akihabara to Yokohama, Kyoto’s Fushimi Inari Shrine and Sanjusangendo, Osaka’s Dotonbori and Himeji’s Himeji Castle.

Here’s a couple of the little slices of Japan my friend and I captured through our lenses. (Not all the territories I mentioned above are in here!)

(Disclaimer: We are just picture-takers, not pro photographers)

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