Whoa! Cinematic photographs

Whoa! Cinematic photographs

I know pretty much next to nothing about photography. All I know is that these photographs just blew me away.

I came by the original article on Fstoppers, here’s the link to The Cinematic Look – How To Make Your Photographs Look Like Films | Fstoppers.

A shot by Andrew Mohrer, more of his work here.

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The Travelers, a spy novel?

The Travelers, a spy novel?

The Travelers, by Chris Pavone, is not what you’d call a spy novel precisely. Yes, there are spies, intelligence agencies, secret meet-ups and more intrigue. But that wasn’t what gripped me while reading this book.

Instead, there was this sense of a life slowly unravelling and it was just delicious to read. Will it recover? Will it not? What will Will do? (ha. ha.)

Step into the shoes of Will Rhodes, a writer for Travelers, a world-renowned travel magazines. His life is less than the ideal that he has been chasing after – living in an incomplete house, a troubled marriage, and the sense that there’s just something wrong with his life. Continue reading “The Travelers, a spy novel?”

I’m 3 episodes behind on Saekano S2. Ep 9, 10 and 11.

The procrastination is real. My heart is still not ready.

I’m afraid for the characters. I’m afraid that the show will fall short of my expectations.

I wish I could treat this anime like eromanga-sensei (fun, no expectations), or Re:Creators (trainwreck pacing, no expectations).

Oh, and with this 3 week hiatus, I can barely remember the name of the blonde twin-tails doujin artist. I guess she should be getting more screentime in these last few episodes.

It’s finally here! Grimgar vol.1

It’s finally here! Grimgar vol.1

The first volume of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash that I preordered finally came in the mail.

I was afraid that it might’ve been lost in shipping. A long time ago, a book I ordered on book-depository was lost in shipping (which they very kindly refunded when contacted). But there would’ve been a really long wait for another copy, the pre-orders were totally sold out. Continue reading “It’s finally here! Grimgar vol.1”

Putting away watching this week’s episode of saekano(ep 9 iirc) because I’m afraid to.

From the manga I know that this ep is right about when akane, a star-producer/creator from rouge en rouge, poaches from blessing software. 

I know it’s gonna be messy. I immensely regret spoiling myself now. 

I’ll have to look for something else to do in the meantime I guess.