Hilarious skit with Ryan Gosling – Design Heresy

Hilarious skit with Ryan Gosling – Design Heresy

What is keeping Ryan Gosling up at night? A hilarious skit about a designer’s worst nightmare.


This gave me a laugh and a few chuckles. I even re-watched it a couple of times. Ryan Gosling is quickly becoming one of my favourites on-screen.


short videos that actually make me laugh // a laugh in 30 seconds

Each one less than a minute long, these videos are a real gem with great punchlines. Skits, parodies, weird late-night ideas, there’s something here for everyone.

It’s amazing how he comes up with all these ideas. Hell, it’s amazing that it’s all one guy.

4 videos from ProZD’s channel, less than 2 minutes of your time. Please watch them all! My absolute favourite is at the end. I saved the best for last.

Here’s the first video showing a little bit of his vocal range, playing a mob boss, his henchman and an unfortunate victim who just can’t take them seriously.

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I’m 3 episodes behind on Saekano S2. Ep 9, 10 and 11.

The procrastination is real. My heart is still not ready.

I’m afraid for the characters. I’m afraid that the show will fall short of my expectations.

I wish I could treat this anime like eromanga-sensei (fun, no expectations), or Re:Creators (trainwreck pacing, no expectations).

Oh, and with this 3 week hiatus, I can barely remember the name of the blonde twin-tails doujin artist. I guess she should be getting more screentime in these last few episodes.

emotion in six words

emotion in six words

A post from One liner sad stories – 9GAG all about stories in six words. A single line.

At number one I was like ‘OK’.

Then I read the next and my inner voice whispered ‘oh’.

I got it. The emotion and story that six words can tell.

And the fifteenth got me. I could imagine what the astronauts had to face before those words left their lips.

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