I’m 3 episodes behind on Saekano S2. Ep 9, 10 and 11.

The procrastination is real. My heart is still not ready.

I’m afraid for the characters. I’m afraid that the show will fall short of my expectations.

I wish I could treat this anime like eromanga-sensei (fun, no expectations), or Re:Creators (trainwreck pacing, no expectations).

Oh, and with this 3 week hiatus, I can barely remember the name of the blonde twin-tails doujin artist. I guess she should be getting more screentime in these last few episodes.

emotion in six words

emotion in six words

A post from One liner sad stories – 9GAG all about stories in six words. A single line.

At number one I was like ‘OK’.

Then I read the next and my inner voice whispered ‘oh’.

I got it. The emotion and story that six words can tell.

And the fifteenth got me. I could imagine what the astronauts had to face before those words left their lips.

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A thought, Pokemon GO

A thought, Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has been a huge hit worldwide. Even media outlets have been reporting on the hordes of people roaming the city for elusive Pokemon.

Misaka has the best sisters

When it was reported that a Pokemon trainer stumbled onto a dead body, I immediately thought of a scene in To aru majutsu no index.

In academy city, the world of index, prepaid cards charged with varying amounts of value were scattered around the city in random places, including backalleys and small streets.

The intent was to take away the ability to stay hidden to do unsavoury activities.

Pokemon GO could do the same. It would place people in all kinds of places and increase the likelihood that someone is watching.

Creative Korean netizen’s cosmetic reviews really are too good to be true【Photos】

Creative Korean netizen’s cosmetic reviews really are too good to be true【Photos】

I got caught the first time XD. Totally blown away when I realised it.


We previously introduced you to the daring and rather saucy reviews posted by Korean online shoppers, but it seems even customer reviews can’t be trusted every time. An ingenious netizen in Korea posts product reviews and photos of herself holding each item she’s providing feedback on, which in itself is nothing surprising, but there’s a twist. She doesn’t even own the product.

If you’re thinking that she’s just using one borrowed from a friend or perhaps getting handy with Photoshop, think again.

Here’s how she does it.

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