Looking back on 2017

Looking back on 2017

Here is a quickly put-together post looking back on 2017 and how I’ve been trying to actually live my life.

Starting off with the still amazing movie Kimi no na wa / Your name by Makoto Shinkai. If I’m not mistaken, the first post I made in 2017 was about this movie. I still remember sitting in my seat whispering to myself ‘wow’ in the opening minutes of the movie. The artwork, the music. All of it was hauntingly beautiful as the meteor streaked across the sky, broke the clouds and separated into smaller fragments.

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Hilarious skit with Ryan Gosling – Design Heresy

Hilarious skit with Ryan Gosling – Design Heresy

What is keeping Ryan Gosling up at night? A hilarious skit about a designer’s worst nightmare.


This gave me a laugh and a few chuckles. I even re-watched it a couple of times. Ryan Gosling is quickly becoming one of my favourites on-screen.

Watched Blade Runner 2049 last night. Good/bad movie aside, it was painfully slow. It felt like they held every shot. Really slow pace. My friends fell asleep halfway through.

The next Shinkai? ‘Before you wake up’ by loundraw

The next Shinkai? ‘Before you wake up’ by loundraw

Before you wake up/Yume ga Sameru Made, stunning college work by artist loundraw with strong vibes of Makoto Shinkai, the director behind Your Name.

The colours, the sci-fi/fantasy theme, boy meets girl, sunbeams/sunflares, the feelings evoked. Even though the art style isn’t exactly the same, the feel of the work is similar. A story about a relationship where boy meets girl, troubled by missing memories, a trick played by the passing of time and other science fiction and fantastical mechanics.
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Kimi no Na wa / Your Name – two months later

Kimi no Na wa / Your Name – two months later

I’ll try to keep my impressions spoiler light for anyone who have yet to watch the movie.

A few days after my final crit for the semester (crits for me are like final exams), I went to watch Kimi no Na wa in theatres. I went in cold, not having seen the trailers, only armed with the knowledge that it had been a huge hit in Japan and that it was by Makoto Shinkai, which was enough.

And boy was I glad I did.

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Architecture 101

A101 poster
Movie poster for Architecture 101

Architecture 101 is a Korean romance movie that was a hit when it released in 2012 and also probably what brought Suzy, from K-pop group Miss A, to fame. She’s in the poster above.


The movie starts out very simply when Seung-Min, one of the male leads Uhm Tae Woong (seen below), is given a surprise visit at his Architecture office by Seo-Yeon, played by Han Ga In. She approached him for a job, to construct a house on Jeju island for her.  Continue reading “Architecture 101”

Harmony, by Project Itoh

Harmony, by Project Itoh
Tuan Kirie, the narrator, the protagonist

My day today.

Exams over. See that Harmony is uploaded with english sub.

Excerpt from my facebook post: Project Itoh’s Harmony. wtfffffffffffff. one hour into a two hour movie. not sure if i can continue.

The first drop of blood, the turning point

Finished it. Project Itoh’s Harmony. I don’t know if its the source material or the movie adaptation but man, some of the scenes are just heart-poundingly sick. I swear, I could feel the knife. That first drop of blood. Still, wtf. Came away feeling physically uncomfortable. On the other hand… Gorgeous animation, an amazing futuristic setting. But, I think I’d rather have more Psycho-Pass.