A beautiful figure for Saekano’s Megumi Kato

A beautiful figure for Saekano’s Megumi Kato

You know how Chrome on mobile has these recommended articles below the search bar? That was how I stumbled onto Kahotan’s blog and this stunning figure of Megumi Kato from Saekano.╰(▔∀▔)╯

She probably is my favourite character from the series, her flat delivery of lines setting up comedic situations being one of her charm points. (though how did Google know?)

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Putting away watching this week’s episode of saekano(ep 9 iirc) because I’m afraid to.

From the manga I know that this ep is right about when akane, a star-producer/creator from rouge en rouge, poaches from blessing software. 

I know it’s gonna be messy. I immensely regret spoiling myself now. 

I’ll have to look for something else to do in the meantime I guess. 

An end to a guilty pleasure

An end to a guilty pleasure

Keijo!!!!!!!! the manga is ending.

It wasn’t exactly what I could call a ‘great’ anime. But, it was a guilty pleasure. An over the top sports anime featuring girls locked in butt-battles. And boy was it fun to read.

Read the behind-the-scenes and real situation behind the ‘sudden’ end to this manga via Crunchyroll – FEATURE: Found in Translation – The Reason why the “Keijo!!!!!!!!” Manga Ended.