I got around to watching the last 3 episodes (9-11).

It’s good. I liked it. I want a third (and likely final) season.

But the last 3 episodes of Saekano’s season 2 did fall a little flat.

Here are some highlights, followed by some thoughts on where How to raise a boring girlfriend Flat falls short for me.

we should go on a date
cue screams of Kato fanboys around the globe

Megumi~~~! When’d you cut your hair?! And why?

Is this a ‘make a break with the past’ gesture?

And which megumi is your favourite? Pony-tail ftw.

reach out and pull back
She reaches out, but pulls back.

She reaches out to the crying Tomo, but pulls back. Why? I really wish I could read the source material right now. I want to hear what’s running through her head.

weird eyes
Those eyes! hahahas

I don’t think Utaha’s eyes have ever been drawn that way.

youll miss your train!
Tomoya catches up to Eriri and Utaha

This scene outside the shinkansen made me sweat. The whole time I was just thinking you’re going to miss that train!

100dollars gone
They miss the train.

$100 gone (cries). I really hope they managed to get a refund or a ticket for another train.

utaha kiss
Utaha strikes!

Ooooooh. Will Tomo actually end up with one of the girls?

michiru appears
Michiru re-appears! And more breaking of the fourth wall.



Now, my thoughts on how the ending falls short for me.

First, there’s drama but I was left unconvinced. I usually hate stretching this kind of drama out, but I think there was a need for an episode 12, an additional episode. Things just moved and developed too fast. Scenes felt like there were large gaps in time between. Flashback scenes took over scenes where I’d see Tomoya agonising. I didn’t really feel much weight behind this supposed betrayal.

It might also be that this feels a little contrived or blown out of proportion. If Eriri or Utaha told Tomoya that they were taking on a Akane’s project, instead of him getting a rude surprise, it wouldn’t have felt like a betrayal at all. They just had to keep it from him… Why? Am I missing something?

Heart breaks for her

Though, props for Eriri’s situation. She can only grow by working with someone she hates, and she dies as an artist if she continues to work with the one she loves. It’s sick and cruel in the way that I wish I could write something as heart-wrenching as that. (My creations would kill me irl lol)

Into even smaller pieces

Onto my last gripe. Megumi. Megumi’s conflict with Eriri is less than 15 seconds. And we don’t know get to hear what they say.

Really? REALLY? I actually rather this wasn’t shown, I might not have noticed it.

Forget about what exactly happens. I don’t even know when this happens. Or how? Did Eriri tell her? Or did Kato find out from Tomoya? Did Tomoya tell Kato immediately after he found out?(Probably not) This makes all the difference.

Megumi confronts Eriri I guess. We don’t really know what happens.

I think this drama if played out, could’ve been good.

And I just noticed, Megumi has long hair here. She cuts it afterwards? It might really mean a break from ‘the past’, since long hair is seen to have a relationship with history and time. If it’s a break with Eriri, I cannot believe it’s resolved by the next episode.

A final complaint, maybe I got over-hyped, having got spoiled by the manga (read about it here) but I was honestly expecting a greedy(?) Utaha angle, where she really wants to work with Eri Kashiwagi again, no matter what. It is in there. I’m just not sure what I was expecting, because I didn’t quite get it.

PREDICTIONS AND HOPES (honestly, I haven’t read the ln or anything beyond the anime)

Even without Eriri or Kasumigaoka-senpai, blessing software won’t disappear. As long as you’re here, Tomoya. 


Season one is tells a story of how blessing software came together. In season two, it was about their triumphs and how it almost came apart as Eriri and Utaha left.

I think in season three, Tomoya or Megumi might leave. More like Tomoya. Megumi doesn’t get that kind of screen-time with dives into her inner thoughts. I can’t even imagine Megumi leaving the circle. In a way, she’s the one who has invested the most into blessing software, as an initial outsider to doujin.

Even without Eriri or Kasumigaoka-senpai, blessing software won’t disappear. As long as you’re here, Tomoya. 

Tomoya, on the other hand, I can imagine. This is the kind of ‘betrayal’ that I can see him pulling off. Then we will get another fight between Tomoya and Megumi like the one over Comiket but times a thousand. How would Michiru and Izumi react?






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