Two weekends ago, I made a visit to Tsuta. Mind you, this is the Orchard branch in Singapore, not the main store in Japan that was awarded one michelin star.

I’ve seen a number of middling reviews for their ramen before going down to try it for myself.

It was delicious.

A spoonful of their delightfully light yet flavourful shoyu broth.

The lightness of the broth gave it a very clean taste yet it wasn’t lacking for flavour. With the noodles, it honestly felt like I could keep slurping it down forever. I’ve personally haven’t tried anything like this before. Delicious.

I give the ramen at Tsuta high marks for this taste that I’ve never had in Singapore. The combination of broth and noodles is amazing. Which leads me to the other parts of the ramen, where the chashu and the egg are just okay. (Translation: I’ve had better hahas)

If there was anything I might try on my next visit is to get an additional serving of noodles, because this visit to Tsuta left me with a unique problem. There was a fair bit of broth left over, but drinking it on its own was just… unbearably salty.

A spoonful followed by a second spoonful was fine, but the saltiness just escalated with every mouthful when it was just broth. What a waste though, if only I had more noodles.

Purely counter seats

Onto the restaurant itself, it was mostly without frills with purely counter seats in an L-shape. I went for a late lunch (past 2pm) and there was no queue whatsoever.

My only disappointment was that despite the counter seats, there wasn’t much actual ramen preparation that I could see. It seemed like there was another kitchen at the back.

Closing remarks: I’d definitely bring friends here to try it, and I did. For Singaporeans and non-Japanese I think this would be an experience.

If on a diet, might be a little dangerous. It really felt like I could keep eating non-stop, the shoyu ramen feels much lighter than the tonkotsu ones I’m familiar with.

I still want to try the ramen at Tsuta’s main branch. How good must it be for those reviewers, who gave it a middling score, to say that it doesn’t live up to the Tsuta name.



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