I messed up and got myself spoiled.

And I did it, in my own opinion, in a super painful way.

I’ll try to keep everything spoiler-free.

Here’s a timeline/order of events.

  1. Stumbled onto Saekano, short for Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata and A.K.A  Saekano: How to raise a boring girlfriend
  2. Binge-watch said anime, season 1 and season 2 episode 1 (the latest aired episode)
  3. Afterwards, still having saekano cravings, find other adaptations of the light novel.
  4. Read manga versions until chapter 24.
  5. Discover that there is a jump in chapters (different translators) and end up reading chapters 40 and 41, resulting in a 16 chapter jump. This would’ve been bad enough considering what happens in chapter 40 and 41, conflict and betrayal (in the characters own words).
  6. A short while passes. Season 2 episode 2 airs. Watch that episode.
  7. Come to the terrible realisation that it ends at the same point as the chapter 24 in the manga. But, there’s 16 chapters.
  8. AAAAURRRRGHHHHH. It’s either going to end showing only the relationships breaking down resulting in the conflict or a cliff-hanger ending with the conflict. AUUUURRRRGGHGHGHGHG.

Rant over.

Actually no, I got spoiled on character deaths in grimgar too.

And found out that the Keijo manga is getting axed.


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