Here’s my last post of 2015 looking back on the year. (Oh crap, I’m late)

So, from anime, aki school to just plain awesome gear, here’s 12 things that got me excited in 2015.

Fair warning, there’s a lot of anime here. School isn’t terribly exciting and gear can get expensive.

Slaine, front and centre.

First off, Aldnoah.Zero. I remember being super hyped up for the second half of A/Z. But, holy crap did it not live up to the hype and just got really stale and predictable. You just knew that the protagonist, who’s name I can’t even remember, wasn’t in any trouble at all which just killed the tension. Slaine, on the other hand, had so much unused potential.

shirobako donuts.png
Follow a group of girls trying to break into the anime industry. Turned out to be so much more than that.

Shirobako! This was a real hidden gem. I remember going into it with no real expectations and I was quickly turned into a fan. Next week’s episode could never come quickly enough. A really fun watch which is rarity nowadays in my opinion.

psychopass movie poster
Psycho-pass movie poster

Could always do with more Psycho-pass. That it was set outside of Japan was cool though, world-building is always interesting in sci-fi.

Sidonia no Kishi is always a treat to watch, especially being a sci-fi fan.

The second season of the anime turned the action up another notch and was a treat to watch. But, the manga ended on a weird and abrupt note. But, with the ending, we can very well expect a sequel, a spin-off, or both.

classroom crisis.jpg
Classroom Crisis!

Ugh. Already, I feel like I have terrible taste. While Classroom Crisis starts slow, the office politics and backroom deals add a dimension of tension that I’ve never seen before. It’s not all fun and games. While it has flaws in pacing sometimes, this is another fun anime to watch.

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari or Rising of the Shield Hero

Man, the feels when it finally ended. I think the entire ride lasted for the better part of a year or longer.

Studio mates from Architecture school!

I survived a semester of Architecture. I don’t know how I passed but a part of it is definitely thanks to these guys (and girls!).

Picked up a Oneplus X

A super overdue upgrade. Picked up a Oneplus X late in the year to replace my HTC One S and it’s been a fantastic daily driver for me since. Better photos, battery life, screen, speakers, and smooth operation. This just lets me do so much more. I can get a decent photograph even without a dedicated camera! And I’m not as battery anxious anymore which is a godsend.

Off the cuff shot of Peak Design’s Everyday Messenger.

I was really lucky to get this early as Peak Design wanted to test their logistic process or something. But, its been a dream to use. It has an amazing number of pockets, perfect for organizing all my knick knacks. Though, the size is a little bulky as I don’t feel as nimble using this as say my Setia Pack from Ethnotek, the upside from the organisation is something I can’t ignore.

Rawr! Idiot me ‘eating’ Tokyo Skytree as I recreate Attack on Jin.

The source of my profile picture. My trip to Japan in late March this year was an incredible one. Trip was planned from beginning to end by us without the the family and paid for by savings from NS.

Family vacation photo while in Langkawi.

Went on a family vacation to Langkawi, and later Kuala Lumpur, which was amazing and fun. It’s been a long time since we actually had a fun family vacation. The beach right outside our hotel was seriously mind-blowing. Plus, everything’s affordable there thanks to the exchange rate! Got to eat so much food. Can’t quite lose that weight right now. Urgh.

Screenshot of the blog’s stats from the wordpress app

I started this blog, My Life Well Wasted, and it has since gotten 151 views, 88 visitors and 30 likes. Looking back, I’m just blown away at how well it’s done. I never really considered that there would be anyone out there who would be at all interested at what I have to share.

Thanks everyone! And have a happy new year!

PS: I didn’t include Star Wars. I can’t believe it.

PSS: I have no idea whatsoever how to tag this.


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